[-empyre-] creative powerlessness, expressive violence, performance

simon swht at clear.net.nz
Mon Nov 17 06:37:13 EST 2014

On 17/11/14 02:52, PierMartonGmail wrote:
> the principle “violence as communication” is no help to me.
> I can easily interpret everything around me as communication (and I DO listen to trees, mountains, animals, no kidding).
> It is good that art takes place in prisons, mental institutions, etc…but empowerment may start with any kind of listening - of paying attention to…
yes, equally on this list... however, the 'defeat of impotence' as a 
remedy for violence is a formula which struck me, and this may simply be 
the powerlessness to act at all, or to be heard in all the noise.

I agree - and so there is communication - 'violence as communication' is 
no help; albeit that violence has been dressed up as performance in the 
discussion: however, violence as a form of expression is a different 
proposition. From the point of expression, expressing an intention, 
whether natural or anti-, it can acquire qualities of ritual or 
convention, conferring status or recognition, communicating, 
representing, and becoming performance or art.


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