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I agree totally with Murat. The question, what is to be done? should
not be asked.
 You, me, we, can't do other things that the things we do, it means,
write, pain, dance, play, denounce. Again, Picassos Guernica didn't
stop the war or the bombings of Guernica, but the horse and the bull
he painted represent still today the most powerful abhorr against
fascism. I am good friend to a Palestine family, nephews of both
Ibrahim Tuqan and Fadwa Tuwan, two of Palestine greatest poets.
Fadwa Tuqan lived in the UK for a while but went back to her beloved
Nablus and never left it again. She wrote wonderful patriotic poems
against the Israeli occupation. The prime minister Sharon said he was
more afraid of her poetry than of the suicide bombers..

On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 9:00 PM, Murat Nemet-Nejat <muratnn at gmail.com> wrote:
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> "(There have been so many artworks, paeans, dirges, warnings, all this for thousands of years, and what have we learned? To spread the havoc via social media? To be more effective in our slaughter?)
> Again, what is to be done?"
> Alan, don't forget. Many of those dirges were to the perpetrators of violent acts, The Iliad being the classical example. Awareness, a raising of consciousness, must be a weapon against manipulative, transactional symbolic/political acts, for example, being aware that "job creators" was a symbolic phrase concocted (created!) by a wordsmith(s) at a rightist think tank to disguise the bottom line nature of capitalist enterprise, self interest at all costs. All we can do is weave and re-weave those contra spaces of clarity hoping it will have some effect, maybe, in time. By the way, my sense is that the worse a politician (a perpetrator of violent action, physical or spiritual) gets the better he/she becomes at manipulating symbolic nefarious action. That is true for the right (at this moment in the States) or the left. After all, Stalin was called a leftist. To this day, don't a great number of people mourn him in Russia?
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