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Christina Spiesel christina.spiesel at yale.edu
Sun Nov 23 14:09:52 EST 2014

Two things we can do while we do other things:

1) Change the conversation: 
This is available to anyone in the course of their daily lives. This 
does make ripples link Internet memes.

2) Make evidence: 


> I'm not arguing against the quality of work - to me the missing 
> themselves or their bodies or the camps are the most powerful messages 
> - and they are ineffectual, the wars go on just as they always have. 
> Yes, the work is powerful - for me, Celan is of that quality, so many 
> others. And they deepen our understanding of pain and violence, death 
> and genocide. But they prevent nothing, they're political 
> short-circuits - if anything, the world is far more violent today, 
> since Celan and Picasso, and in the United States, there are far more 
> incarcerations, far more killings I believe, far more acceptable 
> racisms, than there have been before. Expressing anguish is helpful to 
> those with empathy, but it is otherwise deeply ineffectual, while 
> beheadings are certainly effectual, from the Assyrians to our own day. 
> This at least is the dilemma for me; my work, I believe is eloquent in 
> its content, but does nothing in the larger misery of the world. What 
> is needed, ways of coping with overpopulation with dealing with 
> religious intolerance and starvation, with preserving the biological 
> species that are left...
> - Alan
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