[-empyre-] Vor dem Gesetz, was geschehen ist

William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 23 21:33:19 EST 2014

I wanted to reply briefly to thank people for the extensive hardworking contributions. I think those per se are good starts toanswering that question that lingers, what is to be done. Bythis I mean the destructive context around us is being answeredby some things being done, done in attempts to benefit the 
fallen, the threatened. For one thing I take hope in new Mexicanresponses, for a second, the U.S. immigration steps forward.
Finally (in fact I should perhaps have started with this) to respondto Simon's post, I find interesting and important to that key issueof the dilemma of possibly letting violent contexts urge us to "shriller and shriller performatives". I think perhaps the mostpoignant partinvolves the fact that a poetics* is interwovenwith a politics or a philosophy. I'm not familiar withBarker's work, but I hope sometime to correct that ; ) I asterisk poetics as (obviously) any symbolic activity isso interwoven. Thanks again, William
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