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The people resisted the military in both Chile Argentina and Uruguay. But the military were strong they were supported by the US by Kissinger and Reagan paranoid struggle against the "communists". It was called the Plan Condor an alliance between the armies and polices of the whole continent more horrible and ferocious and lethal than hundred of ISIS, sadly.
But all the resistance were futile at the end the resistance won by electoral means and the Americans administration's were not longer supporting the coups, it was a great difference when the Carter administration come to power. 
It's a great book called Empire's Workshop written by Greg Grandin,
It's about how Central and South America were used as workshop to train the US military in counter insurgency torture and an hi ligation of dissidents. Many of the death squads used later in Iraq were used first time I'm Brasil Uruguay Argentina, Honduras and Salvador.

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Ana, your confessor (father/police) told you that? Now I understand the radical nature of Pope Francis' statement when he says he is not God to judge whether a gay person will go to hell or not. He is saying I am not going to torture you to save your soul. Here is a symbolic statement that may have actual worldly consequences. 

That still leaves open the question about the banality of evil. Is it even the gentleness of evil, the piety of evil, the rationalization of evil? Was there among people who were not direct (personal or family) victims of violence in Argentina, an organized resistance against the violence?

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Murat you ask the same question I has been asking myself since I was first tortured for 42 years ago. I was tortured by lovely normal people Catholics as my family, going to mass every Sunday. All the people disappeared tortured to death killed in horrible ways were tortured and killed by people as you and me, driven by zeal and hate to everything we represented. We became their enemies their "other", their dark brothers and systers their twisted selves.
In my book I told about how I went to a chapel in Madrid to confess and was not aware it was an Opus Dei church. The old priest who confessed me asked me what kind of feelings I had to my torturers. I was unsure I had never thought about it. He said I should love it they were acting that way to save my immortal soul.

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