[-empyre-] Notes and a comment -

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 26 07:05:41 EST 2014

Hi Ana,

I'm just repeating myself; to me these are all very different with 
different causes; the underlying terror, anguish, genocides may be 
similar, but I can't lump the countries together, as you do. This
is a real difference between us; you say

My point is why sort out Isis as villain/culprit/ when the US and Kina and 
Iran and Israel and so many other countries do exactly what Isis does? 
Public executions? Saudi Arabia and Iran. Collective punishment? Israel. 
Death row for 39 years being innocent? The US. Military violence exerted 
by the police? The whole world. Children in jail without trials. Israel. 
My point is Isis is only one of these groups using rebellions and violence 
as a tool for "liberation". The M?s Mas movement killed white settlers in 
atrocious ways to decolonize Kongo and Tanzania.

- and for me "sorting out" is absolutely necessary, and "The whole world" 
does not behave the same. Yes, the police can be horrific in the U.S. but 
there are no groups here committing genocide, wiping out towns and 
beheading everyone. If it were all the same, everywhere, there would be no 
reason for different testimonials, no reason for analysis, no reason for 
local action, no reason for looking at local histories or cultural 
difference. We just see the world differently and the reason I didn't want 
to discuss this further, I don't think we have common ground on this issue 
- at least for me, I'm just repeating myself.

- Alan

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