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I was trying to find a red line in our discussion, reading what others
wrote, Aneta, Monika, Murat, Alan, Johannes, Christina, Aristita,
Andreas, Simon, Rustom, Alicia, Leandro, others...
I go always back to Modernity. Yesterday we discussed with Alicia
about Bataille and all the French writers and painters using erotic as
a kind of rebellion against the power, again the etablished norms. In
the French National Library there is a place called "Enfer" (Hell)
where erotic texts written by Voltaire, Diderot and many other are
hidden from public view. They can only be consulted and peroused by
researchers with several degrees of clearing.
Why are these texts so revulsive today? In a society where pornography
is an industry with millions of people employed these texts are still
so revulsive and must be kept secret.
The same with the paintings. Gustave Courbet "L'Origine du Monde",
showing the vulva of a woman, was censored by Facebook several times
only a few years ago.
Bear with me, I am trying to find paralleles here between beheadings
and naked women. The beheadings are shown in You Tube and can be seen
by anyone with a screen nearby, the real erotic seems more powerful
and more dissident and must be kept from the public.
Isis marriages with small girls and the selling of women as slaves are
for me more horrific than the beheadings.


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